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Red Clover Leaf

Red clover leaf is used for a number of health conditions, but there isn't enough evidence to prove the effectiveness of this medication for any of them. It won't help to lower cholesterol level or control hot flashes in women, though.
Red clover leaf is used for indigestion, cancer prevention, high cholesterol, cough, whooping cough, asthma, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and bronchitis. Sometimes women think that red clover can help to remove symptoms of menopause including hot flashes; relieve breast tenderness or pain; and prevent premenstrual syndrome (PMS) but these effects are not scientifically proved. Red clover can be applied to the skin for skin sores, chronic skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis), skin cancer, and burns.
Red clover contains hormone-like chemicals isoflavones which can cause reproductive problems in some animals. Medical experts are sure that a diet high in isoflavones may lead to a reproductive failure and problems with liver in cheetahs. Using too much red clover leaf can lead to sterility.

Red clover leaf is safe for most adults when used in the food amounts. It is supposed to be safe when applied to the skin or taken in medicinal amounts by mouth. However, red clover can result in rash-like reactions, headache, muscle ache, vaginal bleeding, and nausea.
Pregnant and breast-feeding women should avoid using red clover leaf by mouth in medicinal amounts as it can be really unsafe, while amounts found in food are considered to be safe in these periods. The matter is that red clover functions like estrogen and can disturb hormone balances during breast-feeding or pregnancy. So, just don't use too much red clover leaf.
Almost nothing is known about the safety applying red clover onto the skin during breast-feeding or pregnancy. In any case, it's better to stay away from it. Red clover leaf can increase the risk of bleeding in women. Health conditions including breast cancer, uterine fibroids ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, or endometriosis are the reasons to refuse from using red clover leaf, as it might act like estrogen.