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Ginger Root

Ginger root demonstrates effectiveness in treatment nausea and vomiting after surgery. One study showed that ginger lowered vomiting and nausea by 38%. Applying ginger oil to the person's wrists before surgery can prevent nausea in about 80% cases. But ginger won't reduce these symptoms in the period 3-6 hours after surgery. Ginger seems to remove or relieve the symptoms of dizziness quite effectively.
Ginger can efficiently reduce menstrual pain when taken during menstruation. It seems to help about as well as ibuprofen. This root can somewhat reduce pain in people with arthritis (osteoarthritis). One study has showed that taking ginger extract 500 mg two times a day worked almost as effectively as ibuprofen 400 mg.
Some people claim they feel better when taking ginger before a trip, even though there is no research proof of reducing symptoms of seasickness or motion sickness. There is also lack of data supporting ginger's effectiveness in weight loss with zantrex black (it is better to take a more suitable additives, such as, alcohol hangover, in treatment the upset stomach and migraine headache, reducing high cholesterol, speeding up labor, and treatment of muscle pain after exercise, colds and flu.

Ginger root is extensively used for the treatment of different conditions and diseases, but it can result in some side effects. When taken in small doses, ginger may cause heartburn, gas, upset stomach and mouth irritation. Higher doses of ginger (more than 5 grams a day) can increase the risk of side effects. When applies to the skin ginger root may cause a rash.
If a person has a bleeding disorder, he or she should avoid ginger as it may not be safe. It may increase the risk of bleeding. One should consult a doctor before taking ginger in case of pregnancy, diabetes or heart problems. It is still not known whether ginger supplements are completely safe for children or mothers who are breastfeeding.
If an individual takes any medications, he or she is advised to talk to the doctor before starting to take any ginger root supplements. The latter can interact with medications for treatment high blood pressure and diabetes, as well as with blood thinners. Ginger root supplements are not regulated by the FDA.