Psychedelic Mythological Avant Garde

Lasher Keen is an ensemble for the creative vision that unites ancient mythologies with passionate psych folk instrumentation.
Combining music, storytelling & theater from the rich cultures of their ancestors, they draw inspiration from the traditions of Celtic Bards, Irish Filid, Norse Skalds & the infinite realms of glimmering space. Their work is based on diligent & thorough research, intensive rehearsals & long periods of gestation, out of which they bring to life an entire world with words & song. Lasher Keen’s performances are intimate & compelling, transporting the listener into the unforgettable realms of myth. They could easily be at home in the court of some long ago king, or the beehive hut of a grizzled old blacksmith, entertaining with their great humor & musical virtuosity.
Wherever they can be found, Lasher Keen prove to be a unique voice that sings to the truth of magic & the creative fires of poetic frenzy.

Lasher Keen~ Rainmaker from lara miranda on Vimeo.